Don't let fear of your regulator hold you back from pursuing new opportunities in your practice.

  • You’re a regulated health professional who wants to grow and scale your practice opportunities and pursue more avenues of revenue.

  • You want clarity around how you can do this ethically and safely within a regulated profession.

  • Being under watch from your regulator has you feeling stuck and unsure of where to go next, and uncertain of what you can and can’t say and do in your practice.

  • You may be feeling so overwhelmed that you’re holding off pursuing new opportunities.

It's difficult to keep up with all of the regulations and standards of practice on top of everything else you’re already managing in your practice. 

I’m here to guide you in becoming clear and confident of your regulatory obligations so you can protect your practice and your programs.

Meet Your Guide

Dr. Sylvi Martin BScN, RN, ND

Sylvi Martin is a Naturopathic Doctor and a Registered Nurse who has been practicing in the field of professional regulation for over a decade.

After completing her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2004, Sylvi practiced acute care psychiatric nursing at a busy inner-city hospital in Toronto where dealing with high-risk clinical scenarios was a daily occurrence.

Sylvi went on to pursue studies in naturopathic medicine, graduating from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2009. 

Since 2009, in addition to her naturopathic practice in Toronto, she has been practicing in professional regulations as an investigator for an Ontario health regulatory college, and as a professional member of a statutory Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee for another Ontario regulator. Since 2016, Sylvi has been instructing continuing education courses in ethics and jurisprudence for various associations and educational institutions in Canada.

When she’s not furthering her training in mindfulness and clinical nutrition or working on her latest workshop or course, she can be found nibbling blueberries and feeding the “trust fund squirrels” in her garden, perfecting her chocolate savouring skills, swimming at the cottage, or on the hunt for more scarves in some corner of the world with her infinitely patient partner Dave.

Member Resource Library

You'll have access to plenty of on-demand, 24/7 resources for your practice, including the following topics: (available 24/7) resources for your practice, including the following topics:

  • Online programs: nuances between patient and public programs

  • Patient group programs: streamlining your record keeping

  • Public programs & disclaimers for educational information

  • Building safety & privacy in online patient treatment programs

  • Virtual practice related logistics & questions

  • Managing difficult patient encounters

  • Record-keeping & billing issues

  • Delegating & assigning care

  • Templates for clinical practice

  • Many other professional and practice-related resources


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    Once you enrol in a 6-month term, you will have 6 months to access all content and materials.